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Cosmetic Treatments

We offer a wide range of non-invasive, non-surgical alternatives to plastic surgery to reduce the appearance of fine lines, refine facial volume and symmetry, and rejuvenate facial contours. Our practice is committed to helping you achieve your most optimum aesthetic outcome, while maintaining your innate facial proportions and unique features.

Botox® and Dysport® Treatments

Botox® and Dysport® injections reduce the appearance of “animation lines” formed over time. Years of smiling, frowning, and other facial expressions can create expression lines that with time will form into deeper, more pronounced wrinkles. Early treatment with Botox® and Dysport® can reduce, and in some cases eliminate these lines and help to maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free completion.

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Dermal Fillers (Restylane®)

Dermal fillers such as Restylane® correct facial volume loss due to the natural ageing process. They work to improve the contours of the face and hands by using a stabilized form of hyaluronic acid (HA). Dermal fillers mimic your body’s own hyaluronic acid by providing volume and fullness. Dermal fillers are most commonly used for adding volume to the hollows of the eyes, cheeks and chin contours, forehead and nose.

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Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a powerful facial rejuvenation treatment that includes the use of a mechanized device that contains a series of tiny needles that penetrate the top layers of the skin. The “micro injuries” caused by microneedling work to rebuild the skin by encouraging the production of new collagen and elastin. These stimulate and heal the skin — resulting in a smoother appearance and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Microneedling also creates “micro-channels” for deeper absorption of topical skin care products, such as Vitamin C skin serum.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment uses your own blood’s plasma to rejuvenate your skin. PRP is an ideal, non-invasive treatment because it comes from your own body. The treatment uses enriched platelets – blood cells whose function is to stop bleeding, promote faster healing with less swelling and bruising.

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Specifically targeted to submental fullness — the fat beneath the chin — Kybella® is injected under the skin where it destroys fat cells and essentially “melts” away excess fat. Kybella® is ideal for those seeking a relatively painless, non-surgical, injectable treatment for submental fullness AKA a “double chin”.

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TCA Peels

The TCA facial peel contains trichloracetic acid — a mild, non-toxic, safe chemical used for facial treatments. When the TCA is applied to the skin’s epidermis, the top layers of cells dry and peel over a period of 5-7 days, resulting in smoother, rejuvenated, and younger-looking skin. TCA peels are an ideal treatment for uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores, acne scarring, sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines.

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Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical, injection-based therapy used to improve the appearance of varicose veins in the legs. The procedure involves the injection of a solution into spider veins (smaller, red-purple in colour), and reticular veins (larger, blue-green), causing disruption of the internal lining of the vein. The sclerotherapy solution works by forming a fibrous clot, and the vein is eventually eliminated through the body’s own healing process.

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MIC Super B Vitamin Injections

The MIC Super B injection is a very safe pharmaceutical blend of B-complex vitamins and non-essential amino acids that support weight loss, overall liver function, detoxification and regulate the body’s metabolism.

Because the injection contains vital nutrients required for ATP production (critical for every cell in your body!) the injection can potentially boost energy and vitality and aid in detoxification and elimination of toxins.

The MIC Super B injection is an adjunct to diet and exercise to promote weight loss.

Perioral Rejuvenation

As we age, it’s only natural for fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the lips or around the mouth, or the ‘perioral’ area of your face. This area includes several features: your lips, upper lip area under the nose, the nasiolabial folds (“smile lines” or “laugh lines”), the corners of the mouth, and all the skin surrounding the lips. These may be more accentuated if you’re a smoker causing sharp lines to radiate outwards from the lips, typically called “lipstick lines”. We may also lose volume in the top or bottom lip giving the mouth an overly “stern” expression. There are several treatments for perioral rejuvenation that work to give your mouth a much younger appearance.

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Cosmetic Services for Men

No longer the sole domain of women, men are now turning to cosmetic treatments as a way to appear more youthful, refreshed and energized. Since men have very distinct “masculine” facial features, it is important to avoid feminizing the male face during cosmetic procedures. Instead the goal is to try to enhance the natural rugged features of the distinctly male face. Most often, it is beneficial to perform treatments over a longer period of time and in stages to retain specific masculine qualities, while achieving a rejuvenated appearance.

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