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Kybella Revision

Kybella® is a synthetic version of a naturally-occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid — a molecule that aids in the breakdown of fat — specifically submental fullness — the fat beneath the chin. The Kybella® treatment involves strategically placed injections under the chin where it destroys fat cells and essentially “melts” away the excess fat.

Why is it sometimes necessary to “revise” a previous Kybella® treatment?

The art of a successful Kybella® treatment lies in knowing how much submental fat to remove and where to remove it, to ensure an aesthetically-pleasing result.

At the beginning of your treatment your provider will place a “template” onto the skin under your chin to map out the exact location of the Kybella® injections. However, an unskilled provider may place this template in the wrong place, potentially rendering the Kybella® results uneven or asymmetrical compared to the rest of your face or ineffective.

You may want to revise a previous Kybella® treatment if you completed a series of treatments but the result was not as significant as expected. Or you may have experienced some weight gain and fat returned to the area.

In this case it’s important to note that Kybella® removes fat cells but not loose skin.

Your initial problem may have actually been loose skin, rather than fat – especially if you are over 40 years of age but your unskilled provider did not recognize this. If loose skin is the problem, the solution may actually be a neck lift or liposuction treatment.

Once again, we stress the importance of choosing a qualified Kybella® certified provider because if loose skin was your problem they wouldn’t have recommended Kybella® to begin with.

What are the risks of receiving a Kybella® treatment from an unqualified provider?

Always ensure that your provider is highly trained and certified to administer Kybella® treatment. If in doubt, ask them to show you their certification.

Sometimes our Kybella® revision patients return from overseas trips to third world countries where they have had unsuccessful treatments from unqualified providers. For some, an unsuccessful result may be a mild nuisance, but to other patients it can be a matter of permanent — and irreversible — nerve and muscle damage.

We cannot emphasize this enough: always choose a qualified and trained Kybella® provider because there are significant risks with the use of Kybella® if it is not administered by a highly trained professional.

The small amount of expense you may save going to a third-world country for the treatment is far outweighed by the extreme risk you take. Serious risks may include permanent nerve injury to the jaw that may result in difficulty swallowing, a lopsided smile, or facial muscle weakness.

If I need a revision Kybella® treatment, how many treatments will be needed?

The number of treatments you’ll need will all be dependent on, a) your desired results, and b) your previous treatment. Upon your initial consultation, your aesthetic nurse practitioner Jennifer Fick will outline a program based on these factors, and recommend an estimated number of sessions as part of your treatment plan.

Kybella®, when administered properly, delivers an incremental approach so you can gradually reduce your double chin fat until you get the desired result.

Typically most people undertake 3 treatment sessions spaced about a month apart. However most patients notice visible results after 2 treatments. Because Kybella® permanently removes the fat cells under the chin, the results of treatment will last for years.

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