Revision TreatmentsRevision Treatments

Revision Treatments

If your previous cosmetic treatment did not turn out as expected, or if weeks later the post-treatment outcome was not as satisfactory as you’d hoped, you may want to consider a revision treatment. In fact, revision treatments to correct a previous provider’s work are amongst the most common procedures that we are asked to perform.

The good news is that almost any “botched” cosmetic procedure can be remedied. Following are a few of the most common revision treatments that we are asked to perform…

Botox® and Dysport® Revision Treatments

Depending on your aesthetic goals and desired outcome, sometimes it may be necessary to revise or correct a Botox® or Dysport® facial rejuvenation treatment. The two most common reasons for revision are either:

  1. Your previous treatment had unwanted side effects due to poor placement resulting in undesirable results. Typical negative side effects include brow asymmetry, brow or lid ptosis (drooping), smile asymmetry, or other suboptimal outcomes.
  2. Your previous Botox® or Dysport® treatment has worn off and your lines have returned.

Note, if your previous treatment was inappropriately performed and resulted in unwanted or negative results, a revision treatment to fix the problem may be complex or it make take some time to wear off before you can revise. However, a solution is nearly always possible with some time and patience.

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Dermal Fillers (Restylane®) Revision

The good news is that dermal fillers such as Restylane® are reversible. This means that if you do not like the outcome or placement of your dermal filler treatment it can be dissolved and placed in a more appropriate anatomical position. Unlike Botox®, you do not need to wait until the previous material has been reabsorbed to have a correction or revision procedure performed.

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Kybella® Revision

Kybella® is a relatively new treatment for the reduction of submental (double chin) fat. The art of a successful Kybella® treatment lies in knowing how much fat to remove and where to remove it from, to ensure a result that is in aesthetic harmony with your other facial features. An unskilled provider may remove the fat from the wrong place, potentially rendering the Kybella® results uneven compared to the rest of your face. You may also want to revise a previous Kybella® treatment if you completed a series of treatments but the result was not as significant as expected. Or you may have experienced some weight gain and fat returned to the area.

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Microneedling Revision

Sometimes the results of your initial microneedling treatment may simply not have been significant enough to produce the improvement you were seeking. For example, acne scarring or large pores may still be quite evident a few months after the treatment. Or fine lines and wrinkles are still obvious around the mouth.

Revision is quite common with microneedling because everyone has different skin and different problems. That is why we will create a customized treatment plan specifically for you and your skin during your initial consultation. We may also recommend additional and/or complementary treatments that work alongside microneedling to boost outcomes.

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Masseter Muscle Reduction Revision

Injecting Botox® or Dysport® into the masseter muscle requires an in-depth knowledge of the structure of craniofacial anatomy, along with an intimate understanding of how muscles and tendons work in the jaw. Most negative side effects are typically caused by an unqualified provider injecting the Botox® or Dysport® in the wrong location, or at the wrong depth (too deep or too shallow) into the muscle.

If the treatment is not placed correctly, unintended and negative side effects may result that may take weeks or many months to resolve. However, with some patience and skilled corrective treatment, a masseter muscle reduction revision treatment will deliver a positive result.

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